Portable Walk-In Tubs

Portable Walk-In Tubs

Heavenly Portable Walk-In Whirlpool Tub has pioneered the World’s first and only Portable Walk-in Whirlpool Tub.

We are the Best-Rated and Highest-Reviewed 5-Star solution for convenient daily hygiene and therapeutic treatments for seniors, disabled and athletes alike.

Easy to Install

Our Portable Tubs do not require renovations of the home and save homeowners thousands of dollars renovation cost.

Easy Access

A Heavenly Portable Walk-in Tub solves all the physical challenges of bathing while providing complete flexibility and safety.

Designed for Use

We designed our durable tubs to accommodate every mobility challenge, such as remodeling cost, limited space and all levels of physical capabilities.

Convenient Energy Requirements

Simply plug your Heavenly Portable Walk-In Tub in to a standard 110 Volt outlet for enough power to run the soothing jets.

Portable Fill Kit

Attach the supplied 6’ water hoses to a current water source or to our Quick Connect box and you are done! Portable is more affordable.

Completely Portable

In the event of relocation, unplugging the transporting the tub is a quick-move since the tub unit is on wheels.