Heavenly Portable Walk-In Tubs
Heavenly Portable Walk-In Tubs
Heavenly Portable Walk-In Tubs
Heavenly Portable Walk-In Tubs
Heavenly Portable Walk-In Tubs
Heavenly Portable Walk-In Tubs

Heavenly Portable Walk-In Tubs

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Since 2010, Heavenly Portable Walk-In Whirlpool Tub has been the ‘original inventor’ and also a manufacturer of this revolutionary bathing category.

The portability of our Portable Walk-in Whirlpool Tub is its #1 major benefit. Realize complete-freedom, and the ability for your loved ones to conveniently enjoy a bath, with the latest Heavenly Portable Walk-in Tub; and it’s competitively affordable!

Portable Walk-In Tub

Hydrotherapy is a big relief to the elderly and the handicapped. It allows them to relax and clean up in one go. Heavenly Walk-in Tubs has a portable soaking tub to offer to customers for this kind of need. It will help with their daily struggle with mobility, and provide another way for them to wind down after a tiring day.

Much like our standard walk-in tub, our portable walk-in soaker tub can go anywhere with enough space. Its user can fill the tub safely, thanks to the airtight stainless steel door construction. Draining it won’t be a problem either with the Quick Connect Box, which allows you to easily connect to water supply and drain lines.

Hydrotherapy in Your Home

Most people know hydrotherapy as a service in spas. Now, we’ve made it readily available to our customers in their homes. You won’t have to drive your elders or handicapped loved ones, as they can experience true hydrotherapy in their own soaker tub.

Hydrotherapy is an excellent pain relief and infection treatment. It requires nothing from the user but to turn on the 10 water massaging jets that come standard with the soaker tub. Once the jets are on, joint and muscle pains are relieved. In five minutes, blood pressure goes down. After eight minutes, circulation will improve. The longer your loved ones stay in the tub, the more they will benefit from hydrotherapy.

Easy to Use, Easier to Maintain

There’s a minimal number of controls and dials on the tub. This means it’s easy to control the temperature, to activate the jets, and to drain the tub. Your elders will certainly appreciate the simple functions, especially if they live independently.

Whether your elders are living independently or not, rest assured that the soaker tub requires minimal maintenance. Just wipe down the surfaces after using, and apply a teaspoon of approved cleaner while running the jets.

Contact Heavenly Walk-in Tubs today to inquire about our hydrotherapy tubs.

Walk-In Tub Dimensions (Outside): 52”L x 26”W x 41”H
 Walk-In Tub Dimensions (Inside): 44”L x 22”W x 20”H
Walk-In Tub Weight (Unoccupied): 220 lbs.
Gallons of Water (Occupied): 45-60 gal. approx.
Water Massage Jets: 9 Jets
Handheld Shower Head: Yes
Temperature Control Dial: Yes
Floor Drain: Single Floor Drain
Water Drain Pump: Push Button Activated
Drain Time: As Fast As 90 sec.
Safety Grab Bars: 2 Grab Bars
Door Location: Left or Right
Door Opens: Outward
Fill & Drain Hoses Included: Yes
Power Cord Included: Yes
Locking Wheels: 6 Locking Wheels
Shipping Dimensions: 54.5”L x 29.25”W x 49.5”H
Walk-In Tub Shipping Weight: 350 lbs.
Estimated Shipping Time: 3-5 Business Days


Heavenly Built-In Walk-In Tubs are unique among walk-in tubs. Our patented designed is constructed from the finest materials available to ensure a high quality product with premium features:

  • 9 water massage jets.
  • Heavenly Tubs Quick Connect Box can be installed and attached to your homes existing water and drain lines.
  • Extra-long water and drain hoses for connection to water and drain lines.
  • Extra-long power cord that is able to reach your home power outlet.

Every Heavenly Walk-In Tub model includes the following features:

  • Gloss white premium acrylic tub surfaces.
  • Premium acrylic surfaces that are bacteria and mold resistant.
  • Acrylic walk-in tub surface is more resistant to fading and cracking.
  • Water-tight stainless steel door and door frame are guaranteed for life.
  • Door seal forms a water-tight pressure seal to guarantee no leaks.
  • Ergonomic door handle is easy to lock into place.
  • Doorway is only inches from the ground.
  • Textured slip-resistant floor to prevent accidents.
  • 17” ADA seat height.
  • Padded backrest for added comfort.


Our revolutionary Quick Connect Box allows the tub to use your homes water and drain supply lines.

A Heavenly Tubs Quick Connect Box allows the tub to use your homes water and drain supply lines. revolutionary Quick Connect Box may be installed into your homes existing water and drain supply lines. This small box can easily be installed into your home in a short amount of time.

This one-of-a-kind approach allows the tub to fill and drain with the provided water and drain hoses allowing you to bathe from virtually anywhere in your home.