Meditub™ 3238 Series
Meditub™ 3238 Series

Meditub™ 3238 Series

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32(W) x 38(L) x 38(H) in.
Walk-In Bathtub 3238 Series Basic Soaker

Standard Features:
•Available Colors: White
•Constructed of Industrial Grade Acrylic Fiberglass Reinforced
•Free-standing Stainless Steel support frame with adjustable leveling feet
•Outward Door Swing •Dimensions: 32(L) x 38(W) x 38(H)
•Max Capacity: 45 Gallons
•Advanced watertight, walk-in tub door system
•Built-in contoured (15 in.) chair-height seat for easy up and down
•Slip-resistant tub floor
•Magnetic Access Panels to allow internal entry to unit once installed

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The Meditub 3238 is a beautiful 32x38 free standing compact walk-in bathtub that is enclosed on three sides. This walk-in bathtub is made to fit into an existing shower stall enclosure, a smaller bathroom or into a mobile home setting. It has a front entrance, with an outward swinging door and is constructed of the highest quality industrial strength acrylic. This walk-in bath tub is available in several variations such as with whirlpool jets only, air jets only, with a combination of both whirlpool and air jets (dual system), or as a soaker, with no jets at all. There is a 15” contoured seat to provide you with ultimate comfort. Sit down and immerse yourself in a relaxing atmosphere, while all your stress disappears. This walk in bath tub comes with adjustable feet for easy installation and leveling.

Available in configurations: Deluxe Hydro, Air or Dual

Deluxe Hydro Massage System. 1 horse power pump with directional water jets. The Deluxe whirlpool massage system includes (h_jet) 360° color matched, directional and adjustable water jets. Each individual water jet is also fully adjustable as far as pressure or velocity of water also included is a FREE Inline Heater which maintains a consistent water temperature, rated at 15 Amps 125 Volts AC, 1 Nema Plug.

Air Therapy Bath

The premium air system comes with (a_jet) advanced warm air bubble massage jets and is adjustable up to three speeds. Air system is assembled with self cleaning feature also includes a free 300 watt Internal Heater, rated at 15 Amps 120 Volts AC, 1 Nema plug. Dual Massage System combines Hydro & Air System to provide a truly luxurious bathing experience.

Dual Massage System combines Hydro & Air System to provide a truly luxurious bathing experience.

Air Switch finger tip touch controls make adjusting water flow and jet options as easy as touching a button.

Meditub™ Hydrotherapy Bath

Enjoy the luxury of bathing once again, simple, safe, comfortable and convenient with a walk-in tub from Meditub. There is no straining or struggling to get in or out of the tub when you own a walk-in bathtub. Makes warm baths or soothing showers accessible to people who thought they’d never enjoy the luxury on their own again. The walk-in tub door, low-entry step (5 in.), and slip resistant tub floor are just a few of the features that make independent bathing secure in a Meditub. Built-in chair-height seat allows you to conveniently experience a comfortable, full body soak without the struggles of getting up and down. The 3238 is perfect for small bathrooms, Existing shower stalls, Mobile homes, or small areas that a conventional tub cannot fit.

ANSI Z. 124.1 – ASME A.112.19.7